Eurambeen Historic Homestead

Located at 232 Eurambeen-Streatham Rd, 9.4kms from Beaufort, the Eurambeen Historic Homestead is a beautiful, welcoming location. The site is located in historic gardens designed by Edna Walling adding to the feel of serenity and comfort Eurambeen Homestead gives.

The high standards of the Eurambeen Homestead offer comfortable, convenient, and self catering accommodation, all the while respecting the privacy of their guests.

The accommodation includes Mrs Beggs Apartment, The Managers Cottage, and The Old School House. Eurambeen Homestead not only offers accommodation but is also available to host functions and events.

For more information and details head to their website
Eurambeen Homestead

Sparrows – Robert Woods

  • Looking down the room



Robert Woods is a Beaufort local and composed the poem Sparrows for the first meeting of the Beaufort Poetry Group on the 10th February 2014. We hope you enjoy listening.

Sparrows- Robert Woods


Last week we meet the lovely Miss Maddie at the Beaufort Market, Maddie’s Dad grows spuds down the road a bit at Burrumbeet.

As you Come over the hill at lake Burrumbeet you cans see Mt Cole in the distance, where we grow our garlic, you are about 20 minutes from Beaufort.


I grabbed some yummy Dutch Creams and wee lovely Sebago potatoes. Roasted in the Wood Fired Oven  and served with Home made Tomato sauce and Mayonnaise. Yum!!

Dutch Creams




The Ballarat Car Park Revival meeting

I’ve seen a few things in big cities. I often dace along to the Hare Krishna’s in Melbourne, they are so well, happy 🙂 The Hare Krishna’s song are pretty easy to remember 🙂

I have to say this was my first ever up close happy, clappy christian Car Park Revival meeting. I have to say I was a bit stand off-ish they looked a bit serious and I can never remember the words to those hymns. In the big car park between two supermarkets?, Really? Oh well.

Nice horses and wagon though 🙂



The Wood fired oven

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Here are a few pics of the Wood Fired oven that w had built for Sparrows Cafe’s new Kitchen. This is one of a few wood ovens in Beaufort but the only one in a commercial kitchen. The Oven was built using a photo essay of a similar oven built at Moorooduc Estate on Mornington […]

The Sam I Am & Breakfast In Beaufort


Every weekend in April we will be apart of the first ever Breakfast in Beaufort promotion, We are very excited here at Sparrows!

Each weekend we will be presenting the Sam I Am for your breakfast pleasure, wood fired lamb with scrambled eggs, spring onions and a dash, mind you, of our house made Commando sauce.

Find out more here

The Commando is made in honor of our favorite Mr Jamie who amongst many things loves his Green Jalapeno sauce, on nearly every thing.


Sugo,Sugo and It rained finally!!

You know Kate, she is awesome!

Kate apart from her many talents grows some, a lot actually, tomatoes.

Some we have been do mixed single and mixed varietals of single estate sugo. Black Russians, the big red and the little Red blends. We have also had a crack a t Heather Grandfathers Relish recipe circa 1942. I has come out pretty well 🙂




Whadaya want? Service?


Bacon Cheese Egg sandwich

Whadaya want?

Here at Sparrows cafe in Beaufort we are all about service.

There is service and then there is service.

It is not always easy to match what people expect as far as service goes. Too nice, sometimes, too aloof other times and hell I thought I treated everyone the same?

Maybe that is the problem, maybe the key to good service is to be manipulative “Match needs with customers!” Maybe insincerity is what it all about. “Darling you are fabulous!”

Maybe we, all of  us are customers, are a little out of kilter with our expectations. Acknowledgement, polite respect and listening, from both serving staff & customer, is all that is really needed. Should not be hard but I suppose it involves people and peoples is hard.

My coffee is getting cold, next time.


(Respect and love to Mr James and the Lovely Consort for the photo)