Soup, Soupy, Soup

“Do have any, say, soup like thing?”

Yep Just $ 7.50 and it will fill ya boots

“Only I am a vegetarian and…”

Our soups are made with vegetable stock that I make myself and to keep it lovely we are going to stick to all veg, no dairy, no wheat and group cuddles whenever possible.

The soup is served with toasted Pide roll unless you don’t want one.

Of course you can take it away as well

So far we have had pumpkin and potato with nutmeg and garum masala.

Tomato with Smokey paprika

Pumpkin with lemon thyme

Coming soon will be

Leek and lentil

Roasted beetroot

Carrot, parsley & saffron

Potato and parsnip

Any other suggestions will be gladly received.

Golden Plate Awards

We had our first batch of judges from the golden plate awards through today. They seemed quite lovely. Heather took them through the back to see the new kitchen in progress and had a chat.

It was a bit like meeting your inlaws for the first time, everyone is very keen to get on but a bit nervous. Oh well.

Long Black

To state the oblivous is a long black coffee… well sort of.

Then as things generally go when it comes to all things coffee, it just get freakin strange. So a guy walks into the cafe….

“Can I have a long black… with a shot of milk?”

“Aint that a very long Mac?”

“Who you call’in Mac!, Buddy! Shut it and just make the coffee.”

See what I mean just freak’in strange.

Then there is the 3/4 long blacks, coffee shots first “Americano”. Boiling water first then coffee shots, just a long black?So what do you call a long black?



Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte just means coffee with milk, this is a coffee that should never be crap.


Often people come in and order a latte, which I have done often in the past and still do at times… but really we are just asking for milk, which is just a bit wet.

One of the hardest things is getting the temperture right. Some want it HOT, HOT, HOT other, like me want to taste it all in its glory.


For more information have a look here.


On the Western Highway

So here is the plan… we will update, upload and spurt out various bits and pieces each week so that we and you can have a  record of the food, people and events that wander through and past Sparrows Cafe.


Heather and Cameron