Toasted Sandwiches

BEC: – Bacon, Fried Eggs, Cheese  $12.50

BLT: – Bacon, Cos Lettuce, Tomato, House-made Relish $13.50

BLAT: – Bacon, Cos Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, House-made Relish $14.50

Tuna Melt: – Tuna, Cos Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato $14.50

The Traveller: – Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Cos Lettuce $12.50

The Greenie: – Avocado, Spinach, a little Grated Parmesan Cheese (V) $14.00

Salad Sandwich: – Cucumber, Cos Lettuce, Carrot, Cheese, Tomato (V) $13.50

Vegemite: – Toasted House-made Bread with Vegemite and Olive Oil Spread on the side. (V) $7.50

Jam: – Toasted House-made Bread with a choice of 2 Jams and Olive Oil Spread on the side. (V) $7.50

Grilled Cheese: – Grilled Cheese on House-Made Bread $7.50


Cheese, Tomato, House-Made Relish + $1.00

Mushroom, Spinach, extra Toast + $2.00

Bacon, Avocado, Ham + $2.50

Outta the Oven, 10th to the 12th of May

This week at Sparrows we are having a play for Mothers Day 🙂


The Pork ribs are just awesome with some local apple and Kiwi fruit glaze Will expand your mind.


Last week we meet the lovely Miss Maddie at the Beaufort Market, Maddie’s Dad grows spuds down the road a bit at Brumbeet. I grabbed some yummy Dutch Creams and wee lovely Sebago potatoes. Roasted in the Wood Fired Oven  and served with Home made Tomato sauce and Mayonnaise. Yum!!




The Wood fired oven

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Here are a few pics of the Wood Fired oven that w had built for Sparrows Cafe’s new Kitchen. This is one of a few wood ovens in Beaufort but the only one in a commercial kitchen. The Oven was built using a photo essay of a similar oven built at Moorooduc Estate on Mornington […]

The Sam I Am & Breakfast In Beaufort


Every weekend in April we will be apart of the first ever Breakfast in Beaufort promotion, We are very excited here at Sparrows!

Each weekend we will be presenting the Sam I Am for your breakfast pleasure, wood fired lamb with scrambled eggs, spring onions and a dash, mind you, of our house made Commando sauce.

Find out more here

The Commando is made in honor of our favorite Mr Jamie who amongst many things loves his Green Jalapeno sauce, on nearly every thing.


Sugo,Sugo and It rained finally!!

You know Kate, she is awesome!

Kate apart from her many talents grows some, a lot actually, tomatoes.

Some we have been do mixed single and mixed varietals of single estate sugo. Black Russians, the big red and the little Red blends. We have also had a crack a t Heather Grandfathers Relish recipe circa 1942. I has come out pretty well 🙂




Quentin’s Birthday

So after a fair bit of secret squirrels Quentin’s 30 was held at Sparrow’s in Beaufort last night. His lovely wife Catherine organized with us to put a dinner together for 11 and it was a hoot!

Nearly all the herbs, too cold in Beaufort for coriander yet, and the baby gem lettuce were from my home garden, very excited about that.

As usual I didn’t have time to take pictures as the food went out so you will have to take my word for it.

So as the meal went out :-

Tomato sipping soup

Lime chicken wings

Fennel and allspice fritatta

Sliced Cucumber with Olive oil and lemon juice

Mt zero Olives

Chicken thighs with lemon and smokey spices on Polenta

Beetroot with cumin and parsley

Fried open mushrooms

Baby gem lettuces cut and half and dressed

Carrots and winter tarragon

Roasted lamb shoulder with capsicum and Olive

Fried Potatoes

The birthday Cake was made by Catherine’s Mum and it was yummy. It is so lovely when someone offers you cake unexpectedly 🙂 TA Mum!



Vegetable Stock

First of all I think we need to have a chat about making a vegetable stock.

There are three different version of vegetable stock, dark, sweet or white. So for me the holy group of vegetables and herbs for a vegetable stock is Onion, Carrot, Celery, Mushroom, Parsley stalks and for added love, some bay leaves. There are points of view that include fennel, turnips, parsnips and star anise, but we will get back to that later.

Dark stock

This vegetable stock is for dark broths, tomato flavours, mushrooms and any soup that is a more of a dark in colour and with earthy robust flavours.

The items that will colour your stock are onion skins, dried mushrooms, fresh mushrooms particularly one with open dark gills, roasted or fried chopped onion, carrots and celery.  Each of these will add a flavour to the finished stock so try keep it balanced.

Onions and carrots add sweet higher notes to the stock. The celery is important as it will add a middle note to the flavour profile but go easy on the amount you use.  The mushroom will add the base note and if you use dried mushroom remember you will need less as a general rule they are stronger in flavour. The onion skins will add very little flavour but the more you add the darker the colour of the stock.

Now fennel, turnips, swedes do they have a place? The answer is yes, as they add a roundness and middle tones to the stock. I am still conservative when it comes to how much and when, what the hell  you can give it a go and see for yourself anyway.

Cut up the vegetables into piece of similar size and larger rather than smaller, say about 2cm x 2cm rough cubes. The amount of vegetables required is roughly 66% of the volume of the pot you are cooking the stock in. How do you do that? If you pot is 10lts use a container of similar size that has volume markings on it and place the vegetables into it as you cut them up so then you know you have the right amount of vegetables. What I mean is the cut vegetables would take up the same amount of space in the pot as 6.6lts of liquid. That doesn’t mean you need 6kg of vegetables though. Try it it, will make more sense as you do it.

Add a teaspoon of a vegetable oil to the pot your are cooking your stock in and heat to about 130c to 150c but not smoking.

Then add the vegetables and stir.

So what you are aiming for is the vegetables to brown but not to burn. So stir regularly but not constantly. Even a very small of burn vegetables will taint the flavour the stock, trust me on this.

If you are really intent on being precise I would say you are looking for a brown colour between Pantone PMS 1385 to not darker than PMS 1405 just as a guide 😉

Congratulations you have brown the vegetables to required level. Now add water!

So simply fill your pot so the water level is at least 3cms from the lip of the pot. Turn up the heat and stir from time to time you don’t want the vegetables to stick to the bottom and burn.

We need the stock to come to the boil. How do you tell if it is boiling? Well what we what is for the vegetables to be gently rolling up from the bottom of the pot, that is called a rolling boil 😉

Ok so it has been boiling for about 20ish minutes so it is now time to strain your stock into a container and discard the vegetables. What throw ay the vegetables! Yep taste one, a bit of carrot,bland is it not? All the flavour is in the stock.

Ok, put the stock back in the pot and on the stove, and bring it back to a gentle boil and let it reduce by a third.

Now you are done! We have a a very flavorsome vegetable stock to use in any way you wish.


Cold Morning drive to work

Cool? Nah mate wait until it gets really cold !!!

On the outskirts of Beaufort, wave to Mr Leno on right as we go by. Hey Leno!!!

YAY!!! the heather has finally kicked in

Frost hanging in the air, but nearly there.

News paper time

Pulling up, so don’t want to get out of the car

Its so cold even the Garbbo’s haven’t been past yet

Frost on the Parsley out the Back;)

Nah MMMMMate… its fricken COLD!!





Soup, Soupy, Soup

“Do have any, say, soup like thing?”

Yep Just $ 7.50 and it will fill ya boots

“Only I am a vegetarian and…”

Our soups are made with vegetable stock that I make myself and to keep it lovely we are going to stick to all veg, no dairy, no wheat and group cuddles whenever possible.

The soup is served with toasted Pide roll unless you don’t want one.

Of course you can take it away as well

So far we have had pumpkin and potato with nutmeg and garum masala.

Tomato with Smokey paprika

Pumpkin with lemon thyme

Coming soon will be

Leek and lentil

Roasted beetroot

Carrot, parsley & saffron

Potato and parsnip

Any other suggestions will be gladly received.

That is a big pumpkin Lovey ;)

“I’ve got a big pumpkin.”

Mr Julian

“Thats nice”

“You want me to put up on the bench?”


The most excellent Mr Julian has grown an Atlantic Gaint Pumpkin and well it is.

It took two of us to get it up on the bench, the guessimate of the weight is around the 80kg mark; it felt like it weighed about the same as a roll of chain lock fencing wire.

So soon we will have to chop it up and the plan is to dry out the seeds and hand them out in spring to anyone who wants them. So then we can start The Great Beaufort Pumpkin Show … come one come all! Roll up…. roll up come and see the The Great Beaufort Pumpkin Show lovey’s!!!