Toasted Sandwiches

BEC: РBacon, Fried Eggs, Cheese  $12.50

BLT: – Bacon, Cos Lettuce, Tomato, House-made Relish $13.50

BLAT: – Bacon, Cos Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, House-made Relish $14.50

Tuna Melt: – Tuna, Cos Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato $14.50

The Traveller: – Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Cos Lettuce $12.50

The Greenie: – Avocado, Spinach, a little Grated Parmesan Cheese (V) $14.00

Salad Sandwich: – Cucumber, Cos Lettuce, Carrot, Cheese, Tomato (V) $13.50

Vegemite: – Toasted House-made Bread with Vegemite and Olive Oil Spread on the side. (V) $7.50

Jam: – Toasted House-made Bread with a choice of 2 Jams and Olive Oil Spread on the side. (V) $7.50

Grilled Cheese: – Grilled Cheese on House-Made Bread $7.50


Cheese, Tomato, House-Made Relish + $1.00

Mushroom, Spinach, extra Toast + $2.00

Bacon, Avocado, Ham + $2.50

Whadaya want? Service?


Bacon Cheese Egg sandwich

Whadaya want?

Here at Sparrows cafe in Beaufort we are all about service.

There is service and then there is service.

It is not always easy to match what people expect as far as service goes. Too nice, sometimes, too aloof other times and hell I thought I treated everyone the same?

Maybe that is the problem, maybe the key to good service is to be manipulative “Match needs with customers!” Maybe insincerity is what it all about. “Darling you are fabulous!”

Maybe we, all of  us are customers, are a little out of kilter with our expectations. Acknowledgement, polite respect and listening, from both serving staff & customer, is all that is really needed. Should not be hard but I suppose it involves people and peoples is hard.

My coffee is getting cold, next time.


(Respect and love to Mr James and the Lovely Consort for the photo)