Breakfast Menu

Muesli – served with Greek Yoghurt, Honey, and Fruit
v $8.50

Omelette – Plain egg and you can add extras from below
v $8.50

Eggs & Bacon on Toast – 2 Fried Eggs & Bacon

Avocado and Eggs – Smashed Avocado on House-Made Bread with 2 Fried Egg
v $16.50

Farmer’s Brekkie – 2 Eggs on a House-Made Bread, Double Bacon, 2 sausages, Mushrooms, Tomato (Seriously big brekkie for the very hungry or hung over)
$19 .50

Beans on Toast – Beans in a tomato based sauce and served on our house made bread dressed with Red Rock Olive’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mushroom – Fried Mushrooms served on House-Made Bread dressed with Red Rock Olive’s extra Virgin Olive Oil
V & CBDGF $15.50


Kids Eggs and Bacon on Toast – 1 Fried Egg and Bacon

Vegemite toast – Toasted House-Made Bread with Vegemite and Olive Oil spread on the side v $7.50

Grilled Cheese – on House-Made Bread
v $7.50

Toast & Jam – House-Made Bread with a choice of 2 Jams and Olive Oil spread on the side
v $7.50


Cheese, Tomato, Egg +$1.50

Mushroom, Spinach, Extra Toast, +$2.00

Bacon, Sausage, Avocado, Ham +$2.50

*(CBDGF) = can be done gluten free
*(GF) = gluten free
*V= Vegetarian

The Wood fired oven

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Here are a few pics of the Wood Fired oven that w had built for Sparrows Cafe’s new Kitchen. This is one of a few wood ovens in Beaufort but the only one in a commercial kitchen. The Oven was built using a photo essay of a similar oven built at Moorooduc Estate on Mornington […]

The Sam I Am & Breakfast In Beaufort


Every weekend in April we will be apart of the first ever Breakfast in Beaufort promotion, We are very excited here at Sparrows!

Each weekend we will be presenting the Sam I Am for your breakfast pleasure, wood fired lamb with scrambled eggs, spring onions and a dash, mind you, of our house made Commando sauce.

Find out more here

The Commando is made in honor of our favorite Mr Jamie who amongst many things loves his Green Jalapeno sauce, on nearly every thing.


Sugo,Sugo and It rained finally!!

You know Kate, she is awesome!

Kate apart from her many talents grows some, a lot actually, tomatoes.

Some we have been do mixed single and mixed varietals of single estate sugo. Black Russians, the big red and the little Red blends. We have also had a crack a t Heather Grandfathers Relish recipe circa 1942. I has come out pretty well 🙂




Oven Progress report :)

It seems such a long way away until the middle of February when we can have this wood fire oven fired up for the first time. It is one of two we have planned for the building, it will be awesome when wood fired pizza, roasts and bread will be available in Beaufort.

While this is only one of  a few Wood fired ovens in Beaufort, this is certainly on the only one in a commercial kitchen, well almost we are still building that around the oven 🙂




Cupcakes & Steam engines

It has been a huge weekend with 100th Steam Rally up at Lake Goldsmith.  Buy your coffee at Sparrows Cafe, turn left at the lights and Lake Goldsmith is about 10kms outside of Beaufort.

Beards, braces, denim  overalls and ruddy faces. All sorts of engines that wizz, whir and parp! I  have little idea what they mostly do, the people not the engines but at least they are off the streets.


The whirly gigs on the back of trailers going by were something to behold. Ancient cars by the rally load, gypsy caravan makers, tractor fiends, oh the humanity of it all!

Where are the pictures you ask? Well we were so flat out at Sparrows making coffees, sandwichs, cakes and muffins we didn’t get to go 🙁

That is somthing we will be fixing for the Steam Rally in May 2013.

Anyway here is some cup cakes to keep you amused 🙂